Website update log

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Updated 10/5/2021

  • Telework Homepage:
    • Added 2021 Telework Policy section with links.
  • Various pages throughout the site:
    • Removed or revised content to align with 2021 Telework Policy.

Updated 8/18/2021

Updated 7/2/2021

Updated 12/4/2020

  • Work remotely – Employees:
    • Added employee guidelines.
    • Removed Balance Home and Work page.
    • Moved school closure guidance to Emergency telework guidance page.
    • Renamed “Be safe online” to “Stay protected at home and in the office” and updated content.
  • Support remote work – Managers:
    • Added manager guidelines.
  • Track telework
    • Converted DGS telework dashboard to Statewide telework dashboard, which includes data provided by participating departments.
    • Added reporting requirements and instructions for any department that wants to participate in the Statewide telework dashboard.
    • Added templates and instructions for departments to build their own departmental dashboards.
    • Moved DGS data dictionary to DGS case study page.
  • Emergency telework guidance:
    • Moved school closure guidance here.
    • Added teleworking and office space sample survey questions.
  • Various formatting updates to improve end user experience.
  • Various URL changes to increase labeling consistency.

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