Telework Reporting Requirements

Review instructions, best practices, data dictionary and workflow for submitting your department’s telework dataset to DGS in order to participate in the Statewide Telework Dashboard.

Telework reporting submission instructions

Instructions on how to submit the telework reporting metrics for the statewide telework dashboard.

  1. Gather your data. Your data can be collected using several methods. You can use an automated system such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft Forms, or a survey tool.
  2. You will need an individual line for each employee which includes the data listed below. Refer to the Data Dictionary below for definitions of each item.
    • Department organizational code
    • Department name
    • Record ID
    • Telework eligible class
    • Work schedule
    • One-way commute miles
    • One-way commute minutes
    • Number of telework days per week
    • Report date
  3. Reports should be submitted each Monday by 5 P.M. The report date is the Monday on which the report was generated.
  4. Add this data to the employee’s telework details Excel file template located on GitHub.
  5. Do not include any personally identifiable information (PII).
  6. Submit your completed template to the Department of General Services by emailing it to Within the submission email, include the following acknowledgement of data validity:
    • “I, ­­­­First Last Name, have authority within Department Name to provide the attached telework information. To the best of my knowledge unless stated otherwise, the data is accurate, complete, contains no personally identifiable information, and is not based on generalizations.”

Best practices for telework data collection

  1. Keep it simple. Only collect the information necessary to compile the data, and only provide DGS with the information requested in the template.
  2. Provide accurate data without generalizations or assumptions. Remember the outcome of this data is publicly available.
  3. Always follow your department’s security protocols. Don’t put personally identifiable information (PII) into the data submitted to DGS.

Data Dictionary

Here are definitions for the various reporting data to be submitted to DGS.

Department organization code

Your department organization code is a four-digit number assigned to your department, office, commission, or bureau. To locate your department organization code, you may use the listing from the Department of Finance (DOF).

Department name

For your department, use your preferred name or acronym. DGS will use the department organization code table from Department of Finance to look up your department name for the dashboard.

Record ID

The record ID should be a unique entry per record that can include alpha/numeric information. For example, DGS001, DGS002, etc. Departments are recommended to come up with their own record ID naming convention as a best practice.

Telework eligible class

Telework eligibility will need to be determined by your human resources office. For example, a custodian cannot complete their job duties remotely; therefore, they are telework ineligible. Employees that can complete assignments remotely are telework eligible.

Work schedule
  • Standard: The employee works a regular workweek comprised of five eight-hour shifts per week.
  • FT_AWWS 9/8/80: The employee works eight nine-hour shifts, one eight-hour shift, and has one day off in a two-week period.
  • FT_AWWS 4/10/40: The employee works four 10-hour shifts per week.
One-way commute miles

The one-way commute miles are the number of miles between an employee’s designated alternate work location and the office.

One-way commute minutes

The one-way commute minutes are the number of minutes it takes an employee to travel from their designated alternate work location to the office.

Number of telework days

Telework days are the number of working days within a one-week period that an employee works from their designated alternate work location.

Report date

The report date is the day on which the report was generated, which will always be a Monday.

Statewide telework reporting process workflow

 Workflow for the statewide telework reporting process, described in "Workflow activity description."

Workflow activity description

  1. Submitting Department gathers telework information and submits via email to
  2. DGS reviews and validates the information provided.
  3. DGS determines if data is valid.
    • If no, go to step 4.
    • If yes, go to step 5.
  4. Submitting Department updates information and resubmits to DGS. Go to step 2.
  5. DGS IT Staff will compile data and add to the statewide telework dashboard.

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